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Tips to recover photos from an iphone

Posted by Sohail Hussain Posted on Friday, November 29, 2013


When it comes to iphone, the camera quality is really amazing and often times I love to capture images around me and save it. But the problem is iphone don’t have an external memory slot to move or to copy the certain photos to the memory card or to computer. We save lot of stuff in our iphone and some people have a habit of cleaning the past sms but sometimes we mistakenly delete photos or even sms and we are worried to get the data back. Here I recommend EaseUS MobiSaver to recover those lost files. First let us know how this software works.

Solve Common Tablet Problems by Your Own

Posted by Sohail Hussain Posted on Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tablet devices are getting very popular day by day. It was a new invention and got much popularity in a short span of time. Many people prefer to use tablets rather than desktop or laptop computers as they are very easy  to use, completely portable and they can smartly fit in any place. The excellent touch screen facility is another big advantage of using tablets. As a result, many famous tech giants are now giving more importance on manufacturing tablets with various latest features.

Understanding various ways of Social Media Marketing

Posted by Sohail Hussain Posted on Saturday, September 28, 2013

Social Media Marketing: Understand the Various Types of it

Social media are very widely used these days for marketing. Be it a product from your business, or a website that you own, or working for some other companies, or maybe doing affiliate marketing – everything is now possible to promote over the social media. And this social media marketing has various types of it which you need to know in case you want to do it. Before that, you need to know certain things.

Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Companies In India

Posted by Akhil Pulotil Posted on Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nowadays Indian Search Engine Optimization companies are making a good amount of money for their dedicated service to their worldwide customers. Search engine optimization is an important part of the online marketers. Frankly to keep your existence on the internet and make some bucks from blog and websites you have to do good SEO of your website and Indian Search engine companies are now making it possible at very attractive price. So, here I am shortlisting five best Indian Search Engine Optimization companies who are giving very good SEO service.

1. Profit By Search: 

Top Indian Search Engine Optimization company from North India. They are the first Indian Awarded registered SEO company. Profit By Search avails their SEO Service for all popular Search Engines, not only Google. The company started their search engine optimization service since September, 2000.  Profit By search is working for brands like Infosys, Disney, HCL and lot more. They have 5000 plus clients satisfied clients. Website:

2. Indazo Solution: 

Indizo Solution is the fastest growing Search Engine Optimization company in India. They are giving video SEO also. They have got ranked as the second best SEO service provider in India, according to top-seo's researchers. Their offices are located at Mumbai, Maharastra and Bhopal. website:

3. SEO Valley: 

SEO Valley is the company from India who are giving better performance in the world. They are giving worldwide services. They have been giving SEO service since 2001. SEO valley is one of the best and the trustable SEO Company from India. In India their Development Centers are in Bhopal, and Bangalore. Currently they have 4000 plus worldwide customers. Website:

4. Page Traffic: 

Page traffic started from 2002. And giving services to their large customers to their worldwide customers. They are serving services to around 25000 plus clients. Apart from SEO service they are also giving PPC, link building, social media marketing, web designing. Website:

5. SEOTonic:

“SEO Tonic” as their name they are performing like a tonic. According to them SEO is not a one term agreement. Means google algorithm is rolling out weekly so, For a SEO company they regularly keep in touch with their customer and give an updated service. SEO tonic was in top position in 2011. Website:

6. Outsource SEO:

Outsource SEO is yet another popular SEO service provider in India. Outsource SEO started to provide their SEO services since 2004. Outsource SEO, without any doubt is amongst the top SEO providers in India, and has their head-office situated in Noida, UP, India. Apart from SEO services, Outsource SEO also provides other services like PPC management, Social Media Optimization etc. Website:

7. SEO India: 

SEO India  became a top grade SEO company in India. They are working for top prestigious worldwide e-commerce companies. They believe in white hat SEO. White hat SEO means they are not doing any non-ethical SEO work. Most of the Search Engine Optimization companies are doing black hat SEO means unethical SEO, Google is not like such kind of content with high density keyword and spam link submission. They are also giving Google panda recovery service. Website:

8. Glosoft SEO: 

Glosoft India is basically a Web Development Company but they are known for their best SEO work. They are handling their work from Kolkata, India. They are best in providing SEO for Dynamic websites. They are also providing domain registration and hosting. Website:

9. SEO Peace : 

They have 1200 + satisfied customers from India and also from over the world. They only focus on their SEO section. They have also Link building and PPC and other internet marketing services but their SEO service is the strongest part. SEO peace is the oldest SEO company in India they have started SEO services in 1995. Website:

10. is yet another SEO Service provider, whose service is favored and loved by client mainly in India. In India their corporate office is in Bangalore. They are also a one of the top Search Engine Optimization companies in India. do accept international clients, and also they have their offices set up in various places, around the globe. Website:

In India there are lots of Search Engine Optimization Companies but we cannot shortlist the all SEO companies here. Above all companies are in Top 10 according to 2013 SEO company research.

How To Decrease Your Blog Loading Time?

Posted by Akhil Pulotil Posted on Wednesday, July 24, 2013
Today, the quality of a webpage cannot be measured by just using content quality as a metric. And as time progresses, many new metrics have been added in measuring how effective a webpage is.

If we take a blog into consideration, there are many factors used in determining the quality. And one such major factor is the blog loading time. Yes, the loading time of your blog is indeed a very important factor in determining the quality of your blog.

Moreover, visitors won't like a blog that takes several minutes to complete loading. And maybe, just because of poor blog loading time, the blog might be losing some loyal readers too.

For more info, read out the article on Quick Sprout about How Load Times Can Affect Your Blog's Ranking In Google.

So if your blog takes too long to complete loading, then it may give a negative impression about your blog, from the perspective of both, Search Engines and readers.

If you feel that your blog loading time is not up to the mark, then it's time to step up and carry out some modifications to increase your blog loading time.

But How? How To Decrease Your Blog Loading Time?

Well, if you're stuck with this question, then we're here to help you out. Below are some really effective tips to decrease your blog loading time.

1. Only Use Necessary Widgets On Your Blog:

The widgets that stuffs up your blog, are the major contributors to your blog loading time. And lately I have seen many blogs, where every possible corner is stuffed up with some kind of subscription boxes or advertisements.

Also Read ---> Overcome Writer's Block Like A Boss !

Stuffing up your blog with widgets does not only increase the blog loading time, but it also decreases the professional look of your blog. Therefore, if you use a lot of unwanted widgets on your blog, then its always good to remove those. 

Removing such widgets will help in reducing your blog's loading time and moreover will restore the professional look of your blog !

2. Optimize Your Blog's Theme:

The next convict responsible for increasing your blog's loading time, is the theme itself. Most of the people leaves the theme of their blog un-optimized. Well, below are some commonly used ways to optimize your blog's theme to decrease blog loading time:

  • Compress Your Theme: There are many free online tools available to compress the HTML, Javascript, CSS files etc., of your blog. By compressing these, you're saving up memory. And hence helping to increase your blog loading time.
  • Remove Unused CSS: Mostly when we add new widgets to our blog or customize our blog, we modify the CSS file of our blog's theme. However, at the time of removing the widgets from our blog, most of us simply delete the HTML code of the widget.

    Hence, keeping the unwanted CSS on your theme. And this will also add up to the loading time of your blog. Therefore, while you remove some widgets from your blog, make sure that you remove the related CSS code too.
  • Remove Background Images: While loading a webpage, the background loads first and then the remaining webpage loads up. Now, most of us link to some external image sources, for backgrounds.

    And when someone loads up your webpage, the external image loads first [as its the background image]. And the browser will waste some time in loading the external image. Therefore adding some more time to load your blog.

    Therefore to reduce blog loading time, it is always recommended to use colors [Hex Colors] as the background of your blog, as they do not extend the loading time of your blog.
  • Minify The Use Of Javascript Codes: Similar to the case I mentioned above, most of the javascript codes has source links to some external storage file, where the original long javascript code has been written and stored.
    And whenever you use too many javascript codes on your blog, it adds up to your blog loading time [as said in the last point]. Hence, for the sake of your blog's loading time, its always good to minify the use of javascript codes on your blog.
  • Reduce The Number Of Ads: Well, we all love to monetize our blog. Moreover, that's what made many of us bloggers. But anything beyond a limit does harm, right?

    Similarly, having a lot of ads, everywhere on your blog does more harm than benefit. Your readers will feel it as annoying, and  moreover will increase your blog's loading time too. Therefore, try to limit the number of ads you display per page, and strictly avoid popup ads !

3. Use Asynchronous Loading On Your Blog:

Few weeks back while I was searching for some advanced ways to decrease blog loading time, I came across the term Asynchronous loading. Simply, this means that when a visitor arrives on your blog, it first loads widgets and images of content above the fold, and as the visitor's scroll down, loads the remaining widgets and images.

For WordPress users, you can use plugins like Asynchronous Javascript, to add the asynchronous feature to your blog. And if you're a Blogger user, then you can follow the tutorial on how to add asynchronous loading on blogger blogs.

Also, if you're using Google Adsense on your blog, then Google Adsense recently announced the ability to create ads that loads asynchronously on your blog. So, go to your Adsense account create a new ad unit, and above the ad code box, you'll see an option to load Adsense ads either synchronously or asynchronously.

4. Optimize Images On Your Blog Post:

Another way to reduce your blog's loading time, is by optimizing the images you use on your blog post. Images are an integral part of any blog post, and without images, a blog post would look primitive and un-attractive.

But when you upload images on your blog, you can even optimize those images to decrease your blog loading time. And let's see how:
  • Crop Images To Your Desired Size: What most of the bloggers out there commonly does is that, they choose some images for their blog post and then upload it to their blog post. And if the image seems large to their blog post, the simply reduce the size using the image resizer from the post editor section on their blog. When you do so, browsers will have to load the image first, and then resize it before completely loading the image. Thus again adding up to your blog's overal loading time.

    Instead, you can use tools like to first crop the images to your desired sizes, and then upload them to your blog posts. Hence, you'll be able to load up your blog post, comparetively faster.
  • Compress Images Before Uploading: Another effective way to optimize images before uploading them to your blog post is by compressing them. You may use Yahoo! or similar online tools to compress up your images, before uploading them to your blog posts.

5. Choose A Good Hosting Provider:

For the WordPress users out there, your Hosting provider plays an important role in the uptime and loading time of your blog. There are lots of hosting providers out there. 

But whenever you choose one, make sure that you do some good research before before selecting a hosting provider. Do not go for cheap rates, and always prefer experienced hosting providers.

It's also a wise move to ask some of your blogging friends about certain hosting provider, before availing their services.

Final Words:

Phew !

That was a small article on how to decrease your blog loading time, with the knowledge I had. I hope this article helped you out to reduce your blog's loading time somehow.

Also, if the above mentioned techniques have not really helped you to reduce your blog's loading time, then use the Google Pagespeed Insights. This tool will analyze your blog, and will recommend you on measures to take, in order to reduce your blog's loading time. Then, you can follow according to those data, and it will largely really help you reduce your blog's loading time drastically.

And finally, if I have missed out some important ways, or if you know some other ideas to reduce blog loading time, then please don't hesitate to share it with us as comments below ! :-D

5 Ways To Overcome Writer's Block Like A Boss !

Posted by Akhil Pulotil Posted on Thursday, July 11, 2013

Writer's Block is a common phenomenon. Almost every writer faces this situation. And every writer finds different ways to overcome writer's blockBut for bloggers, being hit with writer's block is a nightmare. 

Being a writer/blogger myself, I was badly struck by writer's block. So badly that I couldn't write anything for a complete month. My mind was completely blank and out of ideas. 

Now, are you facing a similar issue?

Are you struck by writer's block?

Then this article will definitely help you out. As today I'm going to explain 5 effective ways to overcome writer's block, crafted out of my personal experience and knowledge :-D

What Does Writer's Block Really Mean?

To get the actual definition, let me quote Wikipedia here:
Writer's block is a condition, primarily associated with people who takes writing as a profession, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work. The condition varies widely in intensity. It can be trivial, a temporary difficulty in dealing with the task at hand. At the other extreme, some "blocked" writers have been unable to work for years on end, and some have even abandoned their careers.

So for bloggers, it is a situation where you can't find ideas to write a blog post on, or a situation where you can't write continuously !

In the above excerpt about writer's block, you might have noticed its intensity. A person suffering from Writer's Block has chances of both recovering, or losing his writing abilities forever !

Don't be worried !

Writers Block is a very common phenomenon for writers, and it can be easily overcome.

As I said before, even I faced this issue a few months back. And thankfully, I was able to recover from it. But, if you're facing a similar situation, then below are 5 effective ways that I followed to overcome writer's block !

1. Reduce Your "Online" Hours:

Frankly speaking, I'm a Facebook addict !

I spend most of my time on Facebook, and Facebook is literally everywhere with me !

When I understood that I was facing a writer's block issue, the first step I took was to reduce the time I spent on Facebook !

Then What Did I Do After Cutting Down My "Online" Hours?

I did nothing special. I watched movies, read other blogs, went out with friends etc.

And How Did It Help Me?

Well, it made me fresh, energetic and gave me much more thoughts !

So, if you come across Writer's Block issue, the first remedy I'd suggest will be to reduce the time you waste on social media's, and do other activities that can make you feel much better !

2. Go Through Your Old Blog Posts:

You might have already written and published lots of posts on your blog, right?

What about taking an about turn and checking out your old blog posts?

What if you could make some corrections, improvisations or at least make some interlinking stuffs on those blog posts and then re-share it?

I did the same with my blog posts too. When I couldn't write on my blog, I went through my older articles and realized that I could make some minor tweaks on those articles, which would increase the efficiency of those articles.

If you have already published a lot of posts on your blog, then I'm damn sure you'll have a similar experience, if you go through your older articles now !

3. Don't Force Yourself To Write:

Most of the bloggers out there, would probably force themselves to write blog posts even while facing Writer's Block !

If you're a person who does something similar, then you're probably risking yourself. Forcing yourself to write, when your mind cannot concentrate can bring in mental distress, and moreover will reduce the content quality of your blog post. And there is no doubt that low quality content can adversely affect your blog. 

Moreover, forcing yourself to produce content will stress you out, and you'll face deep Writer's Block !

4. Read Other Blogs On Your Niche:

Well, you have Writer's Block........ Not Reader's Block ! :-P

So, when you're blanked out of ideas or words, start reading other blogs on your niche. 

The blog you opt to read maybe of your friend's or of any other popular blogger. Here, our aim of reading other blog's is to overcome Writer's Block issue and to flood our brains with fresh and unique ideas. Therefore, read any articles on your niche !

5. Finally, Give It Some Time:

As I said in the beginning of this article, I took me a whole month, to recover from Writer's Block. Even though my blog was suffering, I didn't take much strain on myself !

And I'd like to recommend the same to you too. Don't strain yourself, give it some time. Have some fun for a few days, and forget about blogging. And I'm pretty much sure, after some days you'll be able to recover from Writer's Block too ! :-D

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