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Giveaway #1 : Win 5 Premium WordPress Themes !

Posted by Akhil Pulotil Posted on Thursday, May 02, 2013

Today I'm very much excited and happy because I'm going to host the first giveaway in my blog partnering with +Avinash Mishra of Make Me Noise !

In this giveaway we will be distributing 5 premium WordPress Themes amongst 5 lucky winners !

So without wasting much time, let's go through the giveaway process :-D

Winners Announced !

The Winners of the 5 Premium WordPress Themes giveaway have been announced and they've been sent their prizes !

Below are the names :
  • Awais Baloch : 1st Prize -
  • Devagya Uikey : 2nd Prize -
  • Jijin Mohan : 3rd Price -
  • Aditya Yadav : 4th Prize -
  • Kuldeep Singh : 5th Prize -

About The Prizes :

As stated above, we are hosting the giveaway of 5 Premium WordPress Themes. You can check out the preview of the themes below. Clicking the images below will take you to the Live Demo of the respective theme.

1. Typegrid - Responsive News & Magazine Theme :

2. The Gossip: Funky Magazine WordPress Theme :

3. Newsroom - Responsive News & Magazine Theme :

4.  Impressionist Premium WordPress Theme :

5.  Magnovus Premium WordPress Theme :

About The Sponsors :

The sponsors for this giveaway are :

How To Win This Giveaway :

Well, you can use the punchtab widget below to enter the giveaway. And you can log into Punchtab by email or your Facebook account.

Please make sure you follow these basic rules :
  • Please Follow all the rules in the widget below.
  • Please give your correct contact details.
  • Increase your entries by sharing the link given by Punchtab through your networks. More entries means more chance to win !
  • And Good Luck To You All ! :-)

The winner will be announced on 2/June/2013 . Good Luck and Stay Tuned ;-)
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